Pedestrian Movement

The cheapest form of transportation is one’s own two feet.

by Bob Fleming

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Different Modes of Transportation:
Bicycles Automobiles Motorcycles Buses Bus Rapid Transit Streetcars Light Rail Heavy Rail Subway Monorail Personal Rapid Transit Magnetic Levitation

My name is Bob Fleming, and I am very interested in seeing a greatly improved transportation system for Seattle and the surrounding region.

But it is not just about vehicles. Part of getting around is on foot — walking, jogging, running, etc.

For more information and opinions regarding foot traffic, click here.

I also include wheel chair users in this category because they are essentially pedestrians that are unable to walk.

I include simple aids to walking in this category, such as skate boards, roller skates, and foot-powered scooters (I consider powered stand-on scooters in the same category as bicycles, and powered scooters with seats in the same category as motorcycles).

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