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About Seattle’s prime center for recreation and culture.

by Bob Fleming

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The Seattle Center is an area just north of Downtown Seattle with a number of buildings and open areas where people can relax, play, eat, learn, and attend various events such as concerts, opera, festivals, basketball games, and other events.

There are venues and events at the Seattle Center that appeal to people of all age groups. For children there are amusement parlors and rides; for teenagers and young adults there are various music and other activities; and for older people there are various activities with music and numerous places to just sit, relax, and watch others.

For just about everybody there are a number of attractions. The Pacific Science Center has a large number of interesting exhibits, including many interactive ones for both children and adults. The Experience Music Project (EMP) is a museum of rock ‘n roll music, with exhibits from many legends such as Jimi Hendrix. Adjacent to the EMP is a Science Fiction Museum (“Beam me up, Scotty!”). Key Arena is the Seattle Supersonics NBS basketbal team and the Seattle Storm WNBA women’s basketball team, and is also the venue for concerts and other events. There is also an opera house, a theatre, and other facilities. The Center House contains a number of food vendors and other attractions, and is also a venue for dances and other special events.

There are a few annual events that virtually take over the Seattle Center. There is the Bite of Seattle, where about a hundred or so restaurants or other vendors set up booths selling samples of their menu items. There is also a Folk Life Festival featuring singing, dancing, and other activities from many different countries and cultures. Another popular annual activity is the Bumbershoot, where there are many activities over a weekend.

There have been a number of suggestions for improving the Seattle Center, including eliminating some places, remodeling some, and/or adding some. For current plans and news, click here.

For my opinions about renovating the Seattle Center, please click here.

To learn much more about the Seattle Center, go to the Seattle Center Web Site.

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