Roads vs. Transit

by Bob Fleming

We Need a Balance of Both

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My name is Bob Fleming, and I am very interested in seeing a greatly improved transportation system for Seattle and the surrounding region.

There is an ongoing controversy between people that want money spent mostly on roads but not much on mass transit, and other people that want to see less money spent on roads and more on transit.

The road-oriented people include many people who drive and are tired of the congestion. They don’t want to see their tax money go for transit that they never use instead of for better roads that will be of greater benefit to them.

The transit-oriented people include many people who don’t drive or who don’t like to drive, and want better transit service. There are also people who believe that more roads, for more cars, promotes pollution and congestion.

My belief is that we need a balance of both roads and transit. We should rebuild damaged or outdated highway structures, increase capacity on some roads, and take other measures to relieve congestion. There are many people who need to drive, and transit is not an alternative for them. We should also improve our mass transit system considerably. As mass transit gets better, more people will decide that it is cheaper and more convenient to take transit than deal with the congestion, unpredictable delays, hassle, and expense of driving and parking. Encouraging more drivers to use transit for at least some of their trips will reduce the number of cars on the road, and that will help those who must still drive.

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