Seattle Area Mobility

Information about mobility in the Seattle area, and a healthy dose of my own opinions!

by Bob Fleming

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Different Modes of Transportation:
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Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Maglev

My name is Bob Fleming, and I am very interested in seeing a greatly improved transportation system for Seattle and the surrounding region.

I have been building a web site about various modes of transportation, but transportation implies the use of some kind of vehicle. I am also interested in people getting around by walking, running, hiking, jogging, etc., and these don’t really come under the classification of transportation. Therefore I am creating a new category that I am calling “mobility”, which not only includes getting around by vehicles but by one’s own power.

Under mobility there is the main category of transportation and the small category of pedestrian movement.

Proposed Projects

There are several projects being considered for future transportation.

EASTSIDE RAIL CORRIDOR There is a rail corridor no long needed by BNSF railroad. The corridor runs from Renton north to Snohomish, and there are various proposals to use the corridor as a bicycle and walking trail, with possible future use for a light rail line or possibly for bus rapid transit. Click here for more about the Eastside Rail Corridor.

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