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The Seattle area currently has a good mass transit system.

Seattle is located in King County. King County Metro Transit is a county-owned public transit system consisting entirely of buses except for two streetcar lines.

Metro uses a very good mix of various types of buses providing both local and express service throughout King County. A bus tunnel under Downtown Seattle is used by many of the buses, providing faster trips through the downtown core and reducing the number of buses on surface streets. The tunnel is shared by buses and light rail trains.
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The next county south of King County, Pierce County, also has a county-owned bus system called Pierce Transit. It provides service within Pierce County, including its largest city, Tacoma.

The county immediately north of King County, Snohomish County, has a public bus system called Community Transit.

The largest city in Snohomish County, Everett, has its own bus system, Everett Transit.

In addition to the county and city systems, there is a regional transit authority known as Sound Transit. Sound Transit operates a number of regional express bus routes and commuter rail service between Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett. They also operate a short light rail line in Tacoma and a much larger line from Seat-Tac airport, south of Seattle, to the University of Washington, in north Seattle, with construction under way to extend the line north to Lynnwood, a few miles to the south, and a new line east across Lake Washington to Bellevue and Redmond.

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